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We recommend not going on the dirt roads in the surrounding areas, as they are in poor conditions.


How to get here

  • Drive down the intersection of Campo 10, thats located at km 35.5 of the Corredor Comercial (Carretera Cuauhtémoc a Col. Álvaro Obregón).

  • Follow the road into Campo 10 for 2 km.

  •  Turn right on Avenida Principal to enter Villa Encinos. (There is a Cabañas Las Bellotas sign.)

  •  Continue on Avenida Principal for 2.5 km.

  •  The cabins will be on the left side.

  • The entry will be by the third gate, pictured above.

Upon arrival, please follow the directions provided over WhatsAppas the gate is always closed and only people with reservations are allowed to enter.

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